Helping Aging New Yorkers Live Well


AMR Care Group

Everyone deserves to live a life of purpose, comfort and enjoyment. Some people, including those who are facing challenges due to aging or physical and cognitive disabilities, may face greater obstacles to attain a fulfilling life. That’s where AMR Care Group can help.

Our Care Management and Home Care services help people from all walks of life achieve their maximum potential. Whether you want to age well or live fully with a disability, our expertise, experience and compassion will help you achieve your personal goals, whether that’s living safely in your own home, learning to live more comfortably with a chronic condition, or understanding opportunities that will improve your life.

AMR Care Group has been committed to making life better for elderly New Yorkers since 2003. Serving all five boroughs of New York City and Long Island, our team of licensed, masters-level social workers customize care plans that address physical and mental health — and help people age well at home.

Our Mission

AMR Care Group is dedicated to providing quality assistance to those in the aging process or with physical or cognitive disabilities. Our mission is to maintain the highest professional standards in delivering our care and companion services, and to always act with integrity and regard for the dignity of our clients and their families.

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